Subject: File No. S7-24-15
From: Derik Broach

February 20, 2020

I do not understand the need to regulate leveraged or inverse ETF's at ALL These ETF's carry less financial danger than options, futures or margin.

I hate options because of time decay and their complexity in general. I don't care for futures because of being subject to rolling positions as current contract months expire. I have margin accounts but never have, and never will, use margin. Borrowing money to trade/invest just seems like an extremely bad idea to me (yet hedge funds do it all the time...).

I use leveraged ETF's to be able to keep position size and allocated funds smaller than buying regular ETF's or stock. And as the case is with stocks and other standard ETF's, they are also the easiest to understand and trade.

Furthermore, at the valuation of the current stock market, an investor has to have a LOT of money to be able to buy index funds with the SPY currently at $325 as I type.

If the SEC feels there is a danger to traders with these ETF types, make traders take a test to show they understand how they work.

Based on the volume of many leveraged and inverse ETF's it's obvious they are popular investing instruments. I beg the SEC to scrap the idea of regulating leveraged and inverse ETF's and allow trading of them thereof to continue.