Subject: File No. S7-24-15
From: Thomas Everitt

February 20, 2020

I believe leveraged and inverse funds play an important role and provide a desired product in the marketplace. I rely on these funds to enhance my returns in a diversified manner.

I have been investing for over 30 years managing my own portfolio. I believe that I am capable of understanding the risks associated with leveraged and inverse funds, and I can judge to what extent I want, and can, withstand exposure to them in my portfolio. I do not believe that a third-party can evaluate my capability to understand and use these funds, and I do not want any regulations preventing me from buying them.

I want the freedom to be able to invest in what I choose without any government-imposed limitations. I am investing my money, and I don't want anybody telling me what I can or cannot invest in.

I believe regulations that would limit access to leveraged and inverse funds could also have the following negative consequences:
1. it could further contribute to the inequality gap as most likely the wealthy would have more access to these types of funds.
2. it could drive investments outside the U.S. as people seek higher returns elsewhere if these funds were not available in the U.S.
3. it could drive people to purse their own enhanced return strategies by venturing into options trading, etc. where they could struggle by not having the understanding and resources to actively trade these types of investments successfully.
In other words, people will always seek enhanced returns, and by limiting access to these types of funds, it could drive people to seek even riskier means of enhanced returns.