Subject: File No. S7-24-15
From: Jon Greenberg

February 19, 2020

Leveraged funds are important to me. I am 65 years old with a meager retirement account. That, with my social security, will allow me to barely retire at the meager existence I now have. I am capable of understanding leveraged and inverse funds and fully understand the principles that allow an enhanced growth can also lead to increased losses. If I lose some money, it will not affect the standard of living I will have when/if I retire because that standard is low already. But if I am able to enhance my growth, I will have a higher standard of living when I retire.
All the information to make an informed decision regarding these investments is readily available for anyone to read. The only way a person would be unable to access this information would be if an unscrupulous investment advisor purposely hid it from the investor.
Locking people out of these investments, or preventing people who you feel may not be well suited to make these investments, is a form of classism, whereby you are preventing a person with lower means from increasing their personal wealth (only the rich will be allowed to increase their wealth).
This is a bad proposal.