Subject: File No. S7-24-15
From: Jay Trenary

February 19, 2020

To the SEC,

Leveraged inverse funds are very important for me and other retail traders. In no way do I support restricting their use. Any trading vehicle, including individual stocks, can be misused by people who don't take the time to understand them their risks (ask SoftBank about WeWork).

However, that's their problem and they willingly assume the risk. For those of us who trade to grow wealth generate income, these products offer retail traders great vehicles for various trading strategies, including being very helpful to hedge another position.

I strongly urge the SEC to NOT implement evaluation requirements to determine who is "allowed" to use them, or to restrict their use by retail traders. Perhaps enhanced warnings of the need to understand them before using them might be warranted, but the ultimate decision should be up to the individual, with no hindrance or restriction on their ability to use these important trading vehicles.