Subject: File No. S7-24-15
From: Jeremy Hribar

February 20, 2020

I am a self directed investor and have been for all of my 50 years of investing. I like leveraged ETFs very much and have been very successful with them. They allow an investor to use a smaller amount of capital in fewer positions to get enhanced returns without resorting to committing a large amount of capital, using borrowed money(costly and foolish) or options(also costly, cumbersome, inconvenient, time sensitive requiring multiple transactions when investing longer term). The leveraged ETFs allow the "little guy" a convenient avenue to get leverage without complicated maneuvers and with great diversification which is not possible with individual stocks which are fraught with risks of bad news, bad earnings etc. I do not want to be forced to invest in speculative stocks(more risky) to get better returns. The liquidity is outstanding, I have never waited for a fill(not true with individual stocks). The other caveats of being only for traders and overnight holding are also not true in my experience. I do not want any cumbersome approval process and do NOT want to justify my investing to anyone and do not want to explain or reveal my personal financial matters. I absolutely resent government or regulatory invasion of my privacy which also costs me time and trouble. These instruments are no different than investing in Tesla, or Amazon, or Google or any other fast moving stock.