Subject: File No. S7-24-15
From: Patrick Michel

February 20, 2020


I am a Social Worker who only makes $36,000 per year. I am 55 and have about 15 years to retirement. At the most, I can only put around $5000 per year in my Roth IRA. Therefore, in order to get, in 15 years, to a comfortable retirement, I need to use the UDOW, TQQQ, MVV and various other leveraged funds to work toward achieving the necessary $1 million dollars for retirement. Since 2016 I have been trading the TQQQ fund and the UDOW funds. Even with the volitility of the market these above mentioned etfs made my ROTH IRA go from $50,000 to $110,00 in just under 4 years.

In summary, without leveraged funds available for to the average investor, living off my future retirement's momitary principle will only provide me enough just to barely survive. Please allow leveraged funds to be abailable for the average investor.

Best Regards, Patrick Michel