Subject: File No. S7-24-15
From: Robert Carville

February 19, 2020

I understand that the SEC is looking at banning? leveraged ETFs inverse ETFs. This would be a huge mistake. They are certainly not for every investor, especially novice investors, but that doesn't mean they are "bad". I use these publicly traded securities to conservatively capture gains in a market that I may be watching closely or I protect my portfolio using inverse ETFs. I also trade covered call options on stocks I own. People think options are "risky", but they can be used in a conservative manner, by more advanced investors, in the right way. But most investors should not use options... they don't have the knowledge, skill or time. Same thing with leveraged or inverse ETFs. They are not "bad" investments. Leave the markets alone let investors use the tools / investments they understand or that they are comfortable with, to reach their own goals. The SEC doesn't have to tell people "how to invest". The average investor will figure out how they want to invest (stocks, bonds, high yield bonds, CD's, no-load mutual funds, ETFs, inverse ETFs, etc.) Bob Carville, Rochester NY 585-202-3540