Subject: File No. S7-24-15
From: Sullivan Figurskey

February 19, 2020

I do not support further restrictions on the ability of citizens of this country to pursue their own personal economic decisions.

This country was founded on principles of liberty. Many fundamental rights we hold dear are based on the belief than the citizens of this country are allowed to choose their own destiny. Restrictions to these liberties are, of course, necessary. High crimes are rightfully outlawed however, this is because these crimes infringe on other's right to their own liberty.
But in the restriction of an individual's liberties, when there are no dangers to the liberties of others, must be very, very carefully considered. While each step may be small, a staircase can span a skyscraper, and so may liberties be slowly eroded. No one battle makes all the difference but that does not mean that one battle means nothing. This proposed restriction is a clear embodiment of the concerning increase in paternalism coming from the U.S. government. Would fewer people die if automobiles were made illegal? Most definitely. But it remains legal because it gives the American people freedom to pursue their own life. At their own risk. Because of course there is risk, in both driving and leveraged funds. But that risk worth the freedom it provides.
Please carefully consider the restrictions before further action is taken. I would like to trust the Commission to make the right decision, even if that conflict with my own opinion. Thank you.