Subject: File No. S7-24-15
From: david Tubbs

February 19, 2020

Hello SEC committee member. I am writing today in OPPOSITION of proposed rule #S7-24-15. As an individual investor, I feel that imposing restrictions (such as the financial analysis or other "barriers to entry") for investing in any type of security / stock / money market sets a very bad precedent.

Investing in the FREE public markets needs to remain FREE for individual investors (like myself) and the advisors we use. Further, ALL investors should have access to the inverse / leveraged funds so that we too can grow our investments when the market is in decline. This type of investing (like all other forms) should not be limited only to the rich or "people with the right profile."

If the purpose of this rule is to protect the un-informed investor from the (slightly) more risky investments that inverse or leveraged funds offer, education is a better solution. Requiring additional, more "in your face," explanations of the risks and that these funds only show a return when other market indexes are in decline might be the better option.

Again, I urge you to keep the free market free for ALL investors.