Subject: File No. S7-01-20
From: Dionezio Compolongo, Compolongo

February 13, 2020

Leveraged funds without the discretion of a third party are solely the responsibility of the buyer and should not involve a third party to allow them to buy shares with said leveraged funds. Personal responsibility is the liable factor here, if you buy shares with leveraged funds, it is solely up to the buyer to put themselves in a bad situation or a good one. After all this money making process through funds is one that is calculatingly risky. One should understand said risk before buying and getting into the market. With third party oversight, it ruins the integrity of the market and doesn't allow people to get the money they risked themselves for because of long lasting third party inspection, people would not be able to get the trades they want in order to get the outcome they seek. This is just a hindrance to the process and to investors.