Subject: File No. S7-24-15
From: Christian Baudes

January 30, 2020

Having used "Investors Fasttrack" database to manage AND BUILD my portfolio, leveraged AND inverse 2x or 3x funds are an important tool in my personal portfolio hedging and management.

These leveraged financial tools are MY decision along with MY personally selected brokerage firm. As such, my decisions should be kept discreet and confidential between the investor and the selected broker, and not released to third parties. Reelease to third parties is effectively a PUBLIC release, whose sole purpose is to allow unscrupulous marketers access to potential sales and scams. THE CLOUD is not secure.

I BELIEVE in government controls, NOT ON MY PERSONAL PRIVATE INVESTMENT DECISIONS, but on marketing hype, slaes small print, and boiler room operators. Fiduciary duty to the investor needs to be enforced....

HOWEVER, if "I" elect to trade leverage Inverse funds, that decision is mine and mine only.... signed documents should not to be released outside my broker OR to third parties (often unregulated) or worse, credit bureaus.