Subject: File No. S7-24-15
From: Dr. D.

January 30, 2020

Good afternoon SEC Representative,

I recently read the proposed regulation changes and find them to be lacking in evidence for action. In review of additional regulation and challenges in the financial sector and cannot identify a difficulty that warrants this type of restrictive legislation. This not only inhibits myself (John Q. Public) from trading the securities as I see fit but also inhibits professional financial advisers from acting on my behalf based on my financial status. This sounds like more keeping the rich in the money and inhibiting others from the same opportunity. If I cannot protect personal wealth by using the same means of other private investors then we are operating in a caste system of financial management. That does not abide by the spirit of this country each person should have an equal opportunity to shift their economic strata. If restricted by investing in inverse funds then each time the market becomes bearish I have to just suffer the losses and hope time works in my favor. In addition, creating a review of financial position before allowing investment is restrictive to the market as well. If you limit the buyers you limit the opportunity. Please review and re-evaluate your decision to place this legislation or similar types of legislation into action.
Thank you for your time and good afternoon.