Subject: File No. S7-24-15
From: Ryan Dunlap

January 30, 2020

No No No This is my money and I have the right to invest it however I see fit I do not need you or anyone else telling me what I can and cannot invest in. This proposed rule takes away my freedom. In 2019 I traded the TQQQ 14 times, using $30,100. I made a return of 35.8%, or $10,775.73. That money was used to pay for daily expenses for my wife and two kids. I cannot get that kind of return from the regular QQQ. I need the TQQQ. I plan to continue trading the TQQQ in 2020. If I loose money, then that is the risk I accept. But it is my risk that I choose to take. I fully understand the risk.
This rule would take away my right to invest in what I choose and take away part of my livelihood. PLEASE DO NOT ENACT THIS RULE