Subject: File No. S7-24-15
From: James Freeland

January 30, 2020

I strenuously object to your proposed new regulations that would impede me from making my own decisions regarding investing in leveraged (and or reverse) funds. I have been an active investor in the U.S. stock market for well over forty years and I am here to state that I do not need any NANNY STATE bureaucracy to protect me from the vagaries of the stock market or any other other life decisions. Your primary job is to make sure that the markets are being run honestly and transparently. As long as a leverage investment offerer clearly advertises the potential impact of that leverage, both up and down, you should have no right to impede an investor from making his own choice. In short, I won't give you authority to override my right to participate in the markets in any way that I choose to do. I already pay for good investment advice and I sure as hell don't need unwanted "protection" from Govt. nannies