Subject: File No. S7-24-15
From: Gary Parks

January 30, 2020

Your proposed rule would be an additional burden of time and paperwork on me the client/consumer. I do my research, due diligence and am aware of the risks, and have the "free agency" to choose for myself. Your proposal to make it more than ordinary to invest in leveraged and inverse funds smacks of Big Brother government trying to control or run our lives under the guise of keeping us "safe." If you impose this on us , then I guess the next thing we can expect from the SEC is a proposal to create a "Safe Space" where we can run and hide and whine about losing some of our investment money by taking a "risk" (Oh no....oh no....where's my teddy bear....whaaaaa). This country was founded on "liberty... for all" and self-reliance. Let's keep it that way. Withdraw your proposal