Subject: File No. S7-24-15
From: Joseph Lucero

January 30, 2020

HFT, dark pools, stacked boards, share buy backs with borrowed money so that the C-Suite can bonus out and I am suppose to believe that the SEC wants to protect me.

The SEC has had it's chance to do the right thing on numerous occasions and instead the SEC creates non constructive diversions that serve no one other than those that the SEC serves and the general public an I do not find ourselves in that camp.

If the SEC wants to do something truly positive go to congress and tell them how stupid share buybacks are with borrowed money, talk about the risks of low interest rates/speculation with this easy money in the markets, fight for more oversight on boards, maybe seek to get Glass Steagall reinstated. Any number of these items would help the public.

Thanks for your time,

Joseph Lucero