Subject: File No. S7-24-15
From: Jeremy Leyva

January 30, 2020

To whom this may concern:

I am once again reaching out to a government organization expressing my distaste and their want to remove my ability to do what I want with my own personal property. I feel simply that if you are trying to remove my ability to use leveraged or inverse Financial products you are removing my ability to place into action countless hours of research that I do on a monthly bases.

I believe you are doing this to help (which I believe personnel in your organization feel as well) but if this is how you believe said task is to be done I would say you are incorrect and would like for you to discontinue such acts that remove my ability to do as I would like with my hard earned money.

I have been researching the markets since I was 18 years of age and have (within the last few years) found the need for inverse products in my portfolio (most leveraged). Removing my ability to access these products would truly slow and even cripple my ability for future gain. Lets be honest, social security will not be around or in the least look anything like what it is now when I am of age to access it so I need all of the tools that I can muster. Thank you.