Subject: File No. S7-24-15
From: Keith Gregory

January 30, 2020

This is an extraordinarily rash and unnecessary rule to impose by the SEC. As an at home investor who manages my own money, I NEED access to ultra-leveraged funds like these. The everyday investor does not have access to the rates, options, and opportunities that institutions and professional traders do. We are already severally limited in our access to financial tools that brokerage firms are able to take advantage of on a daily basis. Buying a leveraged fund is no riskier than levering up margin on in the money options. The value of those options can still go to zero, the risk is actually less in the leveraged fund, because the likelihood of the value going to zero is much less. We allow option trading without many restrictions, why impose enormous hurdles to investors just to buy a levered fund? This is truly asinine. Another example of the "nanny-state" imposing their will on unsuspecting citizens instead of educating them. The fact that this has gone on in relative silence and not a single major media or news platform has covered it is a prime example of the poisonous ideology pervasive at the SEC. Let people be accountable for their own choices and decisions, educated or uneducated. Do something useful, like stopping insider trading, and stop preventing small investors from having opportunities even remotely close to what the large brokerage houses get everyday.