Subject: File No. S7-24-15
From: Timothy McClung

January 29, 2020

I'm writing to express my opposition to SEC proposed rule #S7-24-15. As a lay person who has directed my own investment choices through online brokers for over 20 years, and having invested in leveraged and inverse funds as part of my self-directed strategy, I feel the proposed rule is an unwarranted infringement on my right and ability to make sound investment choices that meet my financial needs and goals. As is well known, all investment options contain some degree of risk, balanced by potential rewards. If SEC is seeking to protect investors, it makes little sense for SEC to impede investor participation in certain types of investment vehicles, which only serves to limit the options open to investors, reduce investors' ability to diversify, and thereby increase investor risk.

U.S. financial markets are highly innovative, helping make America a great place to invest in. Leveraged and inverse funds are one such innovation which provides the potential for enhanced returns for small investors, allowing them the benefits that usually are available to just the big players. The proposed rule would essentially handcuff small investors and deny them the benefits of the creativity of the financial markets. A sound investment system is one which allows all investors unimpeded access to the financial instruments available.

Respectfully, I submit that the proposed rule is unnecessary, impedes investor choice, and undermines access to financial instruments for small investors.