Subject: File No. S7-24-15
From: Breton Friel

January 29, 2020

What gives you the right to restrict how I invest my money? One of the things I love about the market today is that they have made it easy for regular people to have access to inverse funds, so when I do not have confidence in where the economy is going, I can protect my money. Now that the economy is its peak, and has very little room to go up, and seems ready to take a plunge (as confirmed by the yield inversion), you plan to restrict my access to inverse funds? If you were really concerned about protecting lay investors, you should have done that years ago, but not now Not that you have any right to restrict how I choose to invest my money to begin with. Stop thinking you now what is best for me, and start worrying more about the financial disasters our federal government is creating with 1 trillion dollar deficits, ridiculously low interest rates, and quantitative easing that are all collectively creating dangerous market bubbles. Add to these factors the dangerous deregulation that this administration is doing, and you have a recipe for disaster. Stop telling me how to invest my bank account Ironically, the real problem is not inverse ETFs, but rather the bubble in regular ETFs created by this false idea that the market can only go up, and that its always a good idea to buy more index funds.