Subject: File No. S7-24-15
From: Anthony Fazio

January 29, 2020

Please do not touch my shares. I believe the bull run ended last year, and am sticking to my plan. This market is driven by debt, buybacks, Donald Trump tweets and the Federal Reserve keeping it afloat with repos. Economic data is horrible, along with global slowdown in manufacturing. Oh and not to mention we are going into an election where we have the potential to switch from Capitalism to Socialism. I dont think equity market is going to like that. SQQQ and SDOW are great TRADING tools if you like to swing. Not smart to buy at beginning of bull due to decay, but will work out perfectly towards beginning of bear. If this market corrects and you force me out of my shares before hand, I will not be pleased. Who is going to cover my loss and the potential gains I would of made? Again, please do not touch my shares.