Subject: File No. S7-24-15
From: Michael Reisin

January 29, 2020

Hello. Restricting people from trading or investing in leveraged funds is not an acceptable way to keep investors safe. Investors have, and should continue to have the right to invest, diversify, protect, and position their investment portfolios. Investors should always have the freedom to make their own investment decisions, without being restricted by qualifications or other rules.
Investors should be informed of the critical elements of leveraged and inverse funds, just like on a pack of cigarettes or a nutrition label. The critical information/risks that an investor needs to know should be displayed in a clear fashion, on the first page of the prospectus, or even a separate sheet, labeled as such. It should Not be buried on page 211 of a prospectus like the critical info in the notorious XIV fund that went bust. But, under no circumstances should a fund be restricted. The risks should be Very Clear. Change those rules, don't restrict the funds. Freedom of choice is what makes America unique and special, lets keep the financial markets the same way.