Subject: File No. S7-24-15
From: John Witten

January 29, 2020

When will the government let individuals decide what is right for their own money. All too often, the government employees making these types of decisions have no or very limited experience actually involved in the day to day management of financial affairs. They may have gained some classroom knowledge, but being a government employee in most instances, with no "real world" experience, does not qualify one as an expert. I should be able to decide on my own where I want to invest my money. If I invest in something I don't fully understand, and lose money as a result of my lack of investigation, that is completely my fault for not informing myself well enough. I would much rather be free to make my own decisions and lose money than never lose any money and be told by the government what exactly I can and cannot invest in. What has happened to individual and personal responsibility. I applaud the government's efforts to punish and ferret out true crooks and fraudsters, but beyond that, let me make my own decisions and mistakes. How else does one learn except by being allowed to make mistakes. If I was duped by some dishonest and unethical shark, by all means punish them, but if it was my lack of understanding because of my own laziness, shame on me. This country was formed based on the rights of the individual. Let's continue to celebrate the individual and not the nanny state. PLEASE