From: Cavell Harris-Brandts
Sent: February 18, 2016
Subject: File: S7-24-15 Proposed changes to leveraged products

To whom it may concern;
I am writing in opposition to a proposal to limit, eliminate or change the rules and regulations regarding leveraged ETFs, such as UVXY. 
Perhaps instead of eliminating or restricting leveraged products, there could be more information freely available about them. Also, perhaps there could be a separate liability waiver to be signed before trading leveraged ETFs. There are many options available instead of am elimination. 
I have enjoyed trading leveraged ETFs and do not feel further regulation is justified.
It is not fair to those who trade these products responsibly and are sell aware of the risks associated to be punished by the irresponsible actions of the few.
I strongly urge you to not place any further restrictions or impedements on leveraged ETFs, like UVXY.

Kind regards,
Cavell Harris-Brandts