Subject: N/A
From: Angel Matos

Apr. 09, 2020

Comment on SEC Proposed Rule #S7-24-15: 

I am a shareholder in Direxion ETF's/Funds. Before purchasing any shares I've researched the company's volatility and beta ratio. I am an active investor that check all of my investments daily assessing gains, lost, consolidations and purchase. I am also aware of the high risks associated with the any daily L&I Funds. Companies such as Direxion comes with the risk of losing 50% to 60% daily on investments as well as gain. In return the percentage is balanced off with the company so I don't lose my total investments. For that reason I actively monitor my investments. By me understanding the use of L&I Funds Bullish or Bearish I take the risk associated with investing in this or any other companies. These funds are different from mutual investments as well. 
In layman's term for myself as a new investor. There is no gain associated where there's no lost to be concerned. The higher the risk the great the turn out ethier as a day trader or long term investor. 
I use Robinhood as my platform. Robinhood also advised of the risk associated.