Subject: S7-24-15
From: Tony Vetsch

Mar. 30, 2020

I am writing this letter in regards to the SEC's proposed rule regarding inverse ETF funds. These funds are important to me as an investor in an attempt to enhance my returns when following specific market trends. Without the inverse funds offered, I may not invest my money in these ETFs but rather find a more conservative form of investing. I am able to understand the risk that is involved in these inverse ETFs and they should continue to be offered to the public to enhance their trading and investing strategies. I would suggest that an extra warning be published prior to purchase of certain funds to give investors that aren't familiar with them be notified prior to purchase. Further explanation of the funds strategy and definition while help ensure that investors are better equipped to make informed decisions in their trading and investing practices. I believe inverse funds should continue to be traded and accessible to the general public. 

Tony Vetsch