Subject: N/A
From: Frank Schwartz

Mar. 26, 2020

Comment on SEC Proposed Rule #S7-24-15: 

I have been invested in 1 leveraged and 1 inverse fund and both are doing well – I could sell at a profit today. 

The inverse fund shorts the EURO and the leveraged fund is long the USD. As you know, currency trading is well beyond the knowledge and skill of small independent investors such as I. Without these funds, I could not have these currency positions in my portfolio; I know of no other practical way to do it. 

Thru the inverse fund, I am short the EURO because I have for several years and still believe that it is unstainable currency that will devalue towards zero and collapse. I hold the USD leveraged fund because as the EURO collapses, that money will seek a safe haven, and for the foreseeable future the safest of the safe is the USD. Indeed it is not only holders of the EURO but holders of other currencies that will be looking for safety. If I am wrong about either view, I can always sell and in any regard, my investment in these 2 funds is a very small part of my portfolio. 
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