Subject: S7-24-15 Comment
From: Joshua Mejia

Mar. 23, 2020


To The Commission: 

Thank you for accepting comments on S7-24-15. 

Regarding brokerage due diligence for trading inverse/leveraged funds: I believe that the criteria set forth should not be sought by a brokerage firm. Nor should approval be required for trading inverse/leveraged funds. 

My employer, income sources, and net worth are private matters -- especially when I am not seeking advice (or approval) from the firm. What I seek from a firm is order execution 

In some trading sessions, inverse/leveraged funds are my primary means of limiting loss or making gains. Rules that could prevent access to these ETFs, or create cause for a firm to stop offering these ETFs, would directly harm my ability to grow my net worth. 

The importance of inverse/leveraged funds has been strongly magnified this year (2020). Inverse/leveraged funds allow me the opportunity to make gains in both upward and downward market conditions (also without shorting positions). 

Please withdraw the proposed rules on brokerage due diligence for inverse/leveraged funds. 


Joshua Mejia