Subject: N/A
From: John Rerick

Mar. 18, 2020

Comment on SEC Proposed Rule #S7-24-15: 

Good afternoon, 

I have received a communication from ProShares that involves the potential of limiting an individuals ability to purchase leverage and/or inverse funds due to Release No. 34-87607. I am weary of these new rules coming into affect because of the way I have used the above funds to balance my portfolio. Over the last two weeks in particular, with the development of COVID-19 and the current oil pricing war taking place between OPEC & Russia, the best performer in my portfolio has been my inverse funds. They were a small part of my portfolio previously but with their current performance they have negated the poor performance of the other funds I am invested in. As an investor with a long term approach these funds allow me some insurance should the markets fall, as they rapidly have over the last couple of weeks. As an individual investor it is not the SEC's job to regulate what I am capable of investing in and purchasing. The risk I take as an investor are my own choice(s) to make - much like the opportunity I have to purchase insurance in many other areas in life - car, home, auto, life, etc. I believe that individual investors portfolios would be damaged if funds like these were not available for purchase. I know my current portfolio would look much different after the past two weeks of volatility had it not been for the inverse funds I am invested in currently. 

John Rerick