Subject: N/A
From: Chad Russell

Mar. 18, 2020

Comment on SEC Proposed Rule #S7-24-15: 

An overly-burdensome qualification process for investors in high-risk, high-yield funds would undermine the foundational principle of free-market capitalism, and would constitute nothing more than a non-workable solution to a non-existent problem on behalf of the SEC. 

The SEC lacks any legitimate authority to determine, among law-abiding and fully-functioning adults, who will be allowed invest their own assets in leveraged and/or inverse funds, and who, for what will eventually and inevitably be found to constitute arbitrary and capricious reasons, will not. 

I am fully-competent to understand and accept the risks of my actions; do not presume without cause to tell me otherwise. This would be government over-regulation at its most base. 

Chad Russell