Subject: N/A
From: Ronnie Moody

Mar. 17, 2020

Comment on SEC Proposed Rule #S7-24-15: 

I personally have invested in proshares inverse silver funds in the past and I had positive returns on my investment. I see that the SEC wants to add another layer of government regulations to make it impossible for an individual investor like my self to EVER again be able purchase shares of Proshares funds. I feel an individual should be able to understand the risks or rewards of buying these inverse funds no different that buying any publicly traded equity, SIMPLY WITH FREEDOM TO DO SO, WITHOUT making it basically IMPOSSIBLE TO BUY THESE SHARES IN THE FUTURE because of adding so much burdensome financial information required by the government to provide proof of this financial information before you are allowed to participate. And also, I have an Etrade account and it appears that in the future the government will stop allowing brokerage firms to offer these products to the public to freely buy. My question is, what does the government or SEC gain or why is it so important to the SEC to change what has always been done in thepast. Just what benefits the SEC MORE THAN WHAT CAN BENEFIT THE PUBLIC MORE. I DONT LIKE MULTITUDES OF REGULATIONS AND I THINK THE SEC SHOULD DO EVERYTHING POSSIBLE TO HELP BENEFIT THE PUBLIC TO HAVE ALL THE POSSIBLE CHOICES OF PROSHARES INVERSE FUNDS AVAILABLE TO INVEST THEIR HARD EARNED MONEY JUST AS EQUITY FUNDS. WHY STOP WHAT HAS BEEN WORKING WELL IN THE PAST SO FAR WITH MORE BURDENSOME GOVERNMENT REGULATIONS TO GIVE US, THE PUBLIC, LESS CHOICES OF INVESTMENTS. I ASK YOU TO RECONSIDER THIS PROPOSAL TO BASICALLY THROW US OUT OF BEING ALLOWED TO CHOOSE TO INVEST OR NOT IN PROSHARES FUNDS. I HOPE THAT YOU RECONSIDER AND LEAVE THE PROCESS TO OWN PROSHARES FUNDS JUST AS IT PRESENTLY IS SET UP. THANK YOU FOR NOT MAKING IT DIFFICULT FOR US (THE PUBLIC) TO PURCHASE IF WE CHOOSE TO DO SO. THANKS AGAIN 

Ronnie Moody