Subject: N/A
From: John Folmar

Mar. 18, 2020

Comment on SEC Proposed Rule #S7-24-15: 

Dear SEC: 

As an experienced investor with leveraged/inverse ETF funds trading, I strongly support the freedom and independence to invest in securities of my choice, regardless of financial standing and/or investment experience. 

Leveraged and inverse ETF's are are an important component of my investment portfolio. I understand the risks of such funds and it is my understanding the prospectus of such funds advise investors of the enhanced risks of investing in leveraged/inverse funds. I do not see the need for a third-party to evaluate free-market investors on what they may or may not invest in. 

I have learned alot about investing from not just my successes in inverse/leveraged funds but from the less successful investments as well. Both have contributed to my being a better trader and investor both in equities and in other investments. 

If there are concerns expressed by investors to the SEC of investing in such leveraged/inverse funds, I encourage the SEC to evaluate whether use of a srong(er) written waiver or acknowledgement of the risks associated with investing in leveraged/inverse ETF's might be more prudent at this time than imposing stricter regulations on those investors who enjoy the freedom to invest in public securities without additional limitations on investor choice. 

John Folmar