Subject: N/A
From: Daniel Ayers

Mar. 17, 2020

Comment on SEC Proposed Rule #S7-24-15: 


Adding in burdensome regulations could potentially limit me from building up my nest egg. I have successfully utilized leveraged and inverse funds to one grow my nest egg and protect myself from down turns. Specifically, I have been able to protect myself during this down-turn of February and March 2020 by heavily utilizing inverse ETF's. This has greatly protected my nest egg. Without it, my nest egg as it stands would have been demolished. Adding a due diligence clause could prevent me from protecting myself from market down-turns as I could be denied from utilizing it. 

As an aside, the stock market is also a symbolism of capitalism. I think the stock market should remain a bastion of it. Restricting this access leads to a slippery slope and takes the shine off. 

Daniel Ayers