Subject: N/A
From: Jonathan Steeves

Mar. 18, 2020

Comment on SEC Proposed Rule #S7-24-15: 

I adamantly object to the proposed Rule #S7-24-15. 
Using leveraged and inverse funds allows individual investors to capitalize using leverage and shorting while limiting their risk. they do not have use puts they do not understand or take loans out to leverage thus only risking their invested capital. It allows individuals into the game they have long been kept away from and allows them to compete and earn without needing to pay overpriced fees to a hedge fund. 

The only people you are going to benefit by imposing this rule are the exact people that do not need any more help. 
In my opinion you have much bigger issues you should be investigating including stock buy back manipulation, insider trading from government officials, the federal reserve market manipulation and bubble blowing, rating agencies not downgrading insolvent companies and lying about risk because they're being paid off. look at the amount of zombie companies out there being propped up by low interest rates. this market is a joke. 
For once, do your job, investigate the banks and the people that are about to cause another financial collapse instead of taking more earning potential from the individual. propose rules that actually help the bottom 90%, encourage people to get into the market and more fairly allocate earning opportunities. nobody wants a hand out just a fair chance to earn based on their ability, knowledge and risk tolerance. 

Jonathan Steeves