Subject: N/A
From: Dan Dudek

Mar. 18, 2020

Comment on SEC Proposed Rule #S7-24-15: 

If the SEC takes away leveraged inverse funds, that would be a major issue for me as an individual investor. I use them to short the market and have been invested here for some time that requires the S&P 500 revert to reasonable value. Taking away that opportunity would force me to sue the SEC for allowing me to use the product on the way up but then denying me the same opportunity on the way down. I would be forced to take short losses and then forced to use equity futures. Its best to not take these products away. For what reason? Very dangerous government overreach and apparently people are not thinking straight at the SEC and only thinking about long positions. If anything DO NOT TAKE away SHORT inverse ETFS. They pose ZERO risk to financial stability. If anything, the main people that are posing financial stability risks are the central banks, constantly printing money causing epic sovereign debts, reckless federal borrowing, epic corporate debt, epic stock, bond are real estate hyper asset inflation. The SEC should look at the Federal reserve to stop printing money and that would be a much better way to manage financial instability than punishing investors that believe assets are epically overvalued and by shorting them are providing liquidity to the longs on any market pullbacks. 

Dan Dudek