Subject: N/A
From: Andy Ratliff

Mar. 17, 2020

Comment on SEC Proposed Rule #S7-24-15: 

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An an informed trader, I understand that leveraged and inverse funds are meant for planned short term use. I am able to monitor my entry and exit points continuously with a smart phone application. Having read and understood the prospectuses for these funds, it would be an over reach to impose a rule to restrict my use based on my brokers decisions, not my own. 
All three of my trading accounts have additional warnings on the order entry screens about using these leveraged and inverse funds. These are sufficient warnings that advise the trader of risks. 
I do not agree in the belief that investors cannot be trusted to understand clearly disclosed risks. It is an unprecedented, alarming and notable departure from the bedrock principles of the capital markets and of how the SEC regulates the offering of other securities. 
I do NOT believe that my broker has the right or the capability to determine which investments or trades I am capable of executing. 
As a long term user of leveraged and inverse funds, I have determined the suitability of these funds and my risk tolerance for myself. The funds clearly state the intended use in their prospectuses. As a current user of these funds, I should be allowed to continue there use without my broker deciding if I am qualified to trade them.