Subject: N/A
From: justin alexander

Mar. 17, 2020

Comment on SEC Proposed Rule #S7-24-15: 

As a long-term, aggressive investor, I understand all of the risks (and reward potential) inherent to leveraged and inverse funds. As a student of the financial markets and economics, I am well aware that there is always more to be learned. This is how I first learned of L&I funds and what makes them tick. I understand that L&I funds can have wild swings and strong drawdowns in corrections and bear markets. The self-education and research that Ive done over my investing timeline has been equally as rewarding as the actual investments themselves. Before I ever sunk a single dollar into L&I funds, I read every word in each of the funds prospectus'. The company's which provide these funds make all of the prospectus' available on each of their websites for potential investors. When I actually went to make the investments, my brokerage made me choose how aggressive my investments goals were moving forward. Only a selection of "most aggressive" would allow me the ability to put money into the L&I funds. Following that, I had to sign an electronic agreement that L&I funds contain high levels of risk and urged me to read the prospectus' carefully. All of this is far more than enough for ME to choose how to invest MY own money. I do not need, nor want the government to act as my mother. Providing more financial and personal information is an undue burden on how I wish to invest MY money. And then, to have other folks, who do not know me in the least, decide for me what I can and can not invest simply a bridge too far. This proposed rule should be scrapped immediately to never again be revived.