Subject: N/A

Mar. 17, 2020

Comment on SEC Proposed Rule #S7-24-15: 

I understand the characteristics and risks of L & I funds. 
In the case of leveraged funds, I believe that market capitalization can be as low as one-third in the short term, but that is not a problem in long-term investments. 
In the case of an inverse funds, I also understand that if the original index rises unexpectedly, the fund's market capitalization could theoretically be almost zero. 
It is also a very economical way to hedge the underlying assets from short-term declines. 
These are clearly evident from the prospectus and other materials readily available on the trading securities firm or on Direxion HP. 
I can also easily access and check the daily valuation of the fund from a mobile environment on the brokerage website. 
While it is true that some investors investing in leveraged funds are negligible and careless, there are also high risk individual stocks and financial products other than these funds. 
We need to study. 
At times We will learn about investment, including the losses caused by a significant decline in the market. Everything is at our own risk.