Subject: N/A
From: Takasuke Yoshida

Mar. 17, 2020

Comment on SEC Proposed Rule #S7-24-15: 

I understand the characteristics and risks of L&I funds. I understand the fund is formed mainly for short term trading with certain leverage. I know it can be volatile and is possible to fluctuate +-300% daily. I am doing investment and trading almost 20 years, then I know the benefits and risks from these kind of leveraged investment tools. Even these L&I leveraged funds are designed for short term trading, it can be used for long term investment if we see the market fundamentals correctly. Benefit for the short term trading is to profit from the daily "noise", but the long term would provide the steady and big gain with reducing the daily noise after we see the future market correctly. 

I strongly believe my brokerage firm have the right to decide and should allow me to use these kind of risk asset in order to maximize my investment which is planned for many years. SEC should not take away my investment tools, opportunities and freedom because of their false believes. 

I am closely monitoring all of my funds and positions everyday and every hour. I am holding the position without changing much because the market is moving to the direction what I am expected for the near future. 
Because I am an experienced investor, my performance with L&I in past 1 year is similar or better than people who invested just in normal mutual funds, etc... which is going to be bust even more from now... on the other hand I will start making big benefit from here because I have these L&I funds as my investment tools. 
That's why I think my brokerage firm should have right to decide that I am capable of dealing with these risk assets. 

Best regards, 
Takasuke Yoshida