Subject: N/A
From: Neil Hamilton

Mar. 17, 2020

Comment on SEC Proposed Rule #S7-24-15: 

I do not believe the SEC should regulate the sale of leveraged and/or inverse funds in the ways proposed by rule # S7-24-15. 

As an investor, I am capable of understanding how leveraged and inverse funds work, and the associated risks in investing in them. 

These funds are just two of the many different types of investment vehicles I can use to diversify my portfolio of investments to manage risk while seeking enhanced returns. 

Regardless of current financial position, it should be up to each individual investor to make whatever choices they feel are in their best interests without intrusive, unnecessary government oversight and lengthy delays in actually investing in something due to onerous vetting processes. 

Such a vetting process is a form of discrimination against those who are not already fairly wealthy and could close off certain avenues of investing to them, which would be blatantly unfair. 

If anything, propose regulations that require education to potential investors about how these types of funds function and the potential risks in investing in them as part of the investment process, but do NOT limit access to certain types of funds or certain investment vehicles based on arbitrary rules concerned with income or net worth of individuals. 

Neil Hamilton