Subject: N/A
From: James Lambing

Mar. 17, 2020

Comment on SEC Proposed Rule #S7-24-15: 

Hello, I want to speak out AGAINST the proposed regulatory rules on leveraged funds. I am a private only for personal purposes investor, I have 35 years experience. I take full responsibility for my decisions, there are ample warnings in the prospectus that one must consider using these, but it's my individual CHOICE. If an investor is stupid enough to put all their assets into one of these at one time, or what ever their doing then that's their mistake, the prospectus clearly explains the risks, thus the rewards that come with these investments. The beauty of these X3 investments is in the fact that I can be 66% in cash and still perform in line with the market, what an advantage! 33% in the market with 66% cash available for opportunities, and if I FEEL that the market is headed up I can increase my positon and benefit accordingly. Or learn from a slight mistake and move on, but these have terrific investment vehicles for me, personally I feel the individual stock is the riskiest investment of all, make a mistake there and see what happens. Going to ban those next? An index is really a relatively safe investment, tons of diversification, and no specific stock risk, but they can only give so much, I have the power to do better with these, and have. In a country where so many freedoms are being taken away from people in authority (I live in California or Russia it seems), lets not let this happen. Do something worthwhile like making advisors clearly reveal what they are charging for what they do, that's damaging. Leave these leveraged investments alone, I have only benefited from them mostly. Thank You 

James Lambing