Subject: N/A
From: Larry Mroczkowski

Mar. 17, 2020

Comment on SEC Proposed Rule #S7-24-15: 

Reasons to oppose the proposed rule: 

- Individual stocks can and do go to zero as do many other types of investments. Saying leveraged funds can go to zero doesn't make any sort of case. 
- You can lose more than your original deposit trading futures, FX, options and other derivatives. Many have over the years! I don't imagine the SEC will shut those down any time soon. 
- You cannot lose more than your original deposit in leveraged funds. It's a different type of leverage than a margin account, and I assume the SEC realizes this. 
- Chapter 7 companies with no intention of regaining value still trade sub pennies to this day while the company works through bankruptcy proceedings, and the SEC allows this. 

That being said, I am open to investors being forced to read a release stating they understand the funds. However, a full documentation on Net Worth, trading history or other financials is unnecessary as other securities and derivatives currently trading without this extra information carries even greater risk. 

Larry Mroczkowski