Subject: N/A
From: Ronald Chacey

Mar. 17, 2020

Comment on SEC Proposed Rule #S7-24-15: 

I fully understand and have experienced how L&I funds function and what the risks amount to. 
I have experienced how I need to trade the L&I funds more aggressively and for shorter time frames. 
I monitor my accounts a least once every day, as I also trade about 10% of my total funds very aggressively using options. 
Currently my Brokerage has the right to decide at what level I am capable of trading options, which is a big problem, as they continually miss-represent what my trading experiences happen to be. Brokerages are not capable of truly knowing what my abilities are. Additionally, I find it an affront to my freedom as a citizen to not be allowed to trade in any L&I Funds or any other publicly offered financial asset that I choose. 
I currently also receive from my brokerage considerable and sufficient information concerning the inherent risk for all funds that I might invest in. 
I repeat that I fully understand L&I Funds and do not think they need further regulation. However, I urgently request that my prior use of L&I Funds should automatically qualify me to continue trading L&I Funds under the proposed regulations.