Subject: N/A
From: Harvey Reitinger

Mar. 17, 2020

Comment on SEC Proposed Rule #S7-24-15: 

All of a sudden the SEC determines we are too stupid to understand the risks associated with trading leveraged and inverse funds. They have no idea about anyone's ability to understand or not understand the risks involved. This is just some busy-body regulator(s) trying to screw the little guy. It is obvious they see higher risk coming down the road and don't want us to be able to position ourselves accordingly. 
I am not a passive investor, I have been utilizing the Direxion ETFs and funds for years, they have afforded me the ability to weather market volatility and stress. Leave us alone! 
One other comment, if they truly believe we are soooo stupid and need them to protect us, why were we originally trusted to invest in these funds in the first place? Perhaps the real question is, why didn't the SEC do its job from the beginning? As usual, they stick there ugly noses where they don't belong! What has happened to the Trump doctrine of de-regulation, guess these guys are off the reservation. Hope someone there is on the MAGA program. Lets move forward not backward. If this is the SEC's focus, then we are all in trouble. 
If they proceed to move forward with this, I request that I be grandfathered in! 

Makre it a great day!