Subject: N/A
From: eric majewski

Mar. 17, 2020

Comment on SEC Proposed Rule #S7-24-15: 

I understand WHy you want to create this rule, but we don't need you to save us from ourselves. I know what the risks are, and how leveraged funds work 
if you take away the ability to use these funds, your are going to drive people to use options more often instead. these leveraged funds are safer than options. OPtions risk on standard funds increase risk anywhere from 20-100 times over. the leveraged funds only double or triple the risk. taking away the leveraged funds from the public use will create an additional risk when people try to use options instead, when they don't understand them. I propose that instead of a rigorous vetting process to allow trading. instead you have clients/investors sign a semi annual or annual document. that they understand what they are doing. don't add the burden to the investment firm to qualify clients, make the clients qualify by either filling out that form. or make them take a Reged online course about leveraged funds annually, as investment advisors take CE credits. make the individual investor take a course as such and submit the passed examination certificate as proof of learned knowledge. 

eric majewski