Subject: N/A
From: Jesse Davidson

Mar. 17, 2020


Comment on SEC Proposed Rule #S7-24-15: 

Dear SEC, 
I currently own a 3X leveraged index fund. Over that last few years as the markets have done well this fund has done even better. I understand that there are significant risks associated with leveraged funds but there are also benefits. On the days when the markets lose 2% I am not happy. Overall, though, there is no good reason to take this freedom away from me. I would be willing to sign a document stating that I understand the highly risky activity I am undertaking, but I certainly think that there is significantly less risk associated with leveraged funds than with other activities that an individual can freely undertake like riding a motorcycle, going mountain climbing, etc. 
Please keep our open and democratic markets open and democratic, and don't force us to go to some overpriced financial adviser. 

Jesse Davidson