Subject: N/A
From: David Urman

Mar. 17, 2020


Comment on SEC Proposed Rule #S7-24-15: 

I am writing to express my disagreement with possible severe actions regarding leveraged ETF products. 

I welcome your role to insure that these products are operated without fraudulent aspects , by an agreed set of rules under your guidance and perform to the advertised performance. I strongly disagree that you should determine my ability to use these products and possibly ban my use due to an arbitrary set of standards. The leveraged products perfectly align with my overall goals which are individual to me and unknown to you. 

Would you ban puts/calls due to statistics that many people lose money in these financial instruments? Would you ban shorting due to the theoretical infinite loss ? 

I do not want you to restrict my individual choice to use whatever means I deem necessary to achieve my goals and I emphatically request that you resist any move to limit my choices. These products are simply tools which can be used to achieve a goal and limiting them will limit choice of the investor. 

David Urman 

David Urman