Subject: N/A
From: Robert Ajanaku

Mar. 17, 2020


Comment on SEC Proposed Rule #S7-24-15: 

Enter your comments here.i am writing to share my support to keep allowIng investors to continue to be able to keep purchasing the leverage and inverse funds for investment. This for me and all other investors, that I am aware of, is the safest way to invest and really do make a logical sense , because I am not putting my egg into just 1 company but instead in a basket of companies . And this a very safe way to deal with the market. 

I know this for a fact that if I cannot buy this kind of investment any more ! I will completely STOP TRADING THE market for good . Because I cannot afford the risk of putting my egg into just 1 company . I need safety and a piece of mind from the market, 


Robert Ajanaku. 

Robert Ajanaku