Subject: N/A
From: Dan Anghel

Mar. 17, 2020


Comment on SEC Proposed Rule #S7-24-15: 

I think will be much better if you take care of the financial institutions - financial advisor and the fees they charge and the loss they produce as to take care of The SEC has proposed the new regulations because it believes that you may be incapable of 
<<trading decisions. The SEC has not provided any data or evidence in support of this belief 
and, as you know, Direxion provides comprehensive disclosure of the risks and 
characteristics of the L&I Funds in our Prospectuses and other materials, which the SEC has 
not indicated is inadequate in any away. (Appendix A below summarizes a few of the many 
risks from the Direxion Prospectus.) The belief that investors cannot be trusted to 
understand clearly disclosed risks is an unprecedented, alarming and notable 
departure from the bedrock principles of the capital markets and of how the SEC 
regulates the offering of other securities. >> 

I will be very supportive when i will see how you regulate the financial advisor to charge fees when they produce and do not charge fees when they loose - very simple 

Thank you 

Dan Anghel