Subject: N/A
From: Isaac lim

Mar. 17, 2020

Comment on SEC Proposed Rule #S7-24-15: 

1) Reduction of risk the choices of these funds allow us to hedge our portfolio against any adverse moment. We dont wish to short the market but longing an inverse funds will allow us to hedge some of these risks away. 

2) These instruments had allows us to still adhere to the the fund mandate which is long only. By this it allows us to move around such restriction enhancing returns. 

3) As sophisticated investors we are able to make better judgement and access the necessary instruments which better assist our portfolio. By taking this away, you are violating the whole structure of American core beliefs of freedom of rights to choose and you are no better than the China chinese in their markets with plenty of restrictions and lack of transparency. 

4) Also with this instrument we are looking at providing more liquidity to the market. Imagine, a market with just buyers and there are limited sellers. The market has lack it liquidity and attractiveness. It defy the law of adam smith "invisible hand" of the markets which will be even more dangerous. 

Dear SEC please think about this before acting as you are bring the market to lose transparency and becoming more like chinese stock market with this proposal. 

Isaac lim